Training Fees

Daily rate €55.00 per day

  • All veterinary treatment (routine or otherwise), vaccinations, drugs, scoping, x-rays, over-ground scope, referrals, surgery, etc.

  • All exercise shoes and foot trimming

  • All trainer’s expenses when racing anywhere in Europe

  • All sales expenses worldwide (no commission on purchases)

  • Gallop Fees

  • Jockey Retainers

Sponsorship: We will offer €65 + VAT per horse per calendar month for the right to display our logo on paddock sheet, sweat sheet, and attendants clothing. All other approved branding sites remain available to the owner.
Racing expenses: Transport: €1/horse/mile (+ flights, ferries, tolls etc. for foreign travel).
Racing plates (shoes) at cost (currently €55/set).

Staff: A maximum of one member of staff per horse in UK. No charge for the additional staff e.g. driver, travelling manger, trainer etc. No surcharge for Sunday racing or payment for lieu days. Foreign expenses at cost for staff.
Trainers expenses (U.K.):None. Foreign travel outside Europe at cost. No charge for sales.
Commission on sales: A commission of 5% will be charged on horses sold out of the yard or within 30 days of leaving the yard, only where there is a clear net profit on purchase price and net racing expenses. (Includes sales through selling or claiming races and Stallions syndicated to stand at stud).
Commission on purchases: No charge. There is no charge for expenses for visits to sales by Mark, his assistants, consultants, or veterinary surgeons including visits to sales abroad.
Foreign prize-money: Trainer’s and staff’s percentage deducted in line with U.K. rules (allocated by Weatherbys in Europe)
Payment: Payment is required within 30 days of invoice. All accounts should be cleared before removal of horses.
Out of Training Horses: Horses housed in separate, out-of-training, accommodation at Park Farm, Middleham will not qualify for yard sponsorship. Veterinary fees, medicines and farriery will be charged at cost. All other conditions will apply as for in-training horses. These horses will not be ridden and will be housed in separate, purpose built accommodation, but will still be directly under the care of Mark Johnston and his veterinary team.
Box Rest, turn out, walker etc – €34.00 per day

At Grass – €25.00 per day

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